Happiness Is Paramount


Done the Big film

we dedicated this last friday to watching all the movies we spent weeks working on. It was interesting to see how thoughts in the minds of people we see every turned out on film. Every film was different and interesting in its own respect.Ours turned out a lot better than expected even though we were stressed for time.

The Film

Our film is going to be a comedy . I hope it turns out as good as we expect and is appropriate for class

LAST WEEK to work on film.. This is the week where we need to stay on track the most if we even wanna come close to getting it done.


We're almost done shooting all of the footage for our film but now have edit..which seems like it will take more time and work than we thought it would be.


Evan beat me on the test by 1.5 points.


Film Due

Our new film is due at the end of next week.. That leaves us just 8 days to finish our entire film. We have to get moving on it if we even want to come close to finishing it on time.

Already Back

How are we back to school already. It feels like we've been gone for 3 days and we're already back. Plus christmas just isnt christmas without snow so it just wasn't the same

Done Movie!!

Movie is just about done and we are very happy with it. It turned out nicely and faster than we expected because the shots we took didnt need to be re-done too many times before we were happy with them.



the movie making process would have turned out better and would have been more fun if we have chosen our own groups to work with.


its been about two weeks since i have BLOGGED last because it never crosses my mind to update it until im told. We've been doing the same thing (storying boarding) for a couple weeks now and i guess it isnt that bad as it is a necessary step to creating a movie. I am not a very good drawer though so it was a drag doing it for weeks.


finally the part we've all been waiting for

Today we took pictures. It was definately one of the better classes so far. Walking around the school searching around for different shots was interesting - the part i like the best. The only complaint is that i wish we could have picked our own partners. That is further down the line though, seeing as everyone can't be happy all at once. Good class Ms. McEachern

Cool class

today we watched special features on the film poseidon, and although i hadn't heard much about the films release it was very cool and interesting looking at the film through the behind-the-scenes angles. About time school has been made fun - this is what it is all about .

group project?

ashley, me and arthur killed our project about directors. I do believe that our power point presentation was up to par and i do believe we did know what we were talking about (things may be a little blurry seeing as i am writing this blog a good week or so after our actual project, still though details have stayed the same). We worked well together and for the first time in the history of group projects had it done on time. It was a great day; we were very proud.

first day of school

so after arriving at school i was first amazed by the new technology. I then decided that our other school was very bad so this seemed like a bigger shock; one that faded away as the went on. After drifting into film/video class i was instantly amazed again. Finally a class i would enjoy...i like my row of students (even kalisha when shes being nice)